Alumawood Solid Patio Covers

Solid alumawood covers are aluminum patio covers that look like wood. The solid covers are made to protect you from sun and rain and are available with 2 different types of roof panels.

Our standard flat panel, which simulates the look of tongue and groove wood planks.

The second is our 2in. to 6in. thick foam insulated panels which comes in 2 different embossed textures and can be ordered with scored lines to give the impression of planking.

The solid cover come with posts or columns and beams for support, and a built in gutter and downspouts to drain water away. Solid patio covers can be ordered with skylights and electrical channels to add lights or fans to your cover.

All alumawood materials have a wood grain embossed texture and a baked on paint finish, with a choice of 8 different colors. There are so many different combinations of designs and features to make the type of cover your dreaming of.